The Family Therapist is a private counselling and training agency that seeks to capitalize on its core strengths and expertise in providing counselling and training related to helping couples in troubled relationships.

Its director and principal consultant, Benny Bong, has 30 years of practice in this field and is an experienced therapist, trainer and consultant. He has worked with many government, private and voluntary welfare organizations.

Mission Statement
To strengthen the institutions of marriage and family by providing direct counselling, training and consultancy services and to support and collaborate with any individual, group or corporation that shares similar goals and visions.

The agency believes that the family is central and fundamental to the well-being of the individual and society; and that in today's changing social context, individuals need to find creative ways to find a balance the needs of the family and work challenges.

Through its counselling, training and consultancy services, The Family Therapist seeks to achieve the goals of:

Experience the value of close and supportive family ties

Discover the best balance between their family and professional life.

Core Beliefs And Values
The services of The Family Therapist express its core beliefs and values which are:

The family is society's cornerstone. As such, the family's strength and stability reflect the state of families in the society.

The state of families depends on the health of its two main building blocks: the general well-being of the individuals and relationships within the family.

Individual well-being is a product of being able to cope with the demands of relationships and work.

Individual well-being can be improved through holistic personal development.

The well-being of the individual, couple and family can be enhanced through receiving relevant information, advice and counselling.

The basis of strong families rests on the strength of the couple relationship.

A healthy couple relationship is one which is consensual and mutually satisfying.

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