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  • Working Experience
  • In his 30 years of work, Benny has applied himself across different sectors and positions. He nevertheless remained close to his twin passion of counselling and training. His first job was as an Administrative Officer with the then Singapore Council of Social Service. He then worked as a Manpower Specialist Officer with the Singapore Armed Forces’ Counselling Centre of the Ministry of Defence.

    After that, he began the longest stint in the field of counselling, training and consultancy when he joined the Counselling and Care Centre. By the time he left, after 15 years, he was the Centre’s Executive Director.

    Benny also worked with Thomson Consumer Electronics where he was in charge of manager training at its Operational Headquarters in Singapore. His exposure to the commercial sector also saw him being appointed as the Programme Manager for Singapore for the Family Guidance International, a leading world provider of Employee Assistance Programmes.

    He returned to the counselling field in his next job as the Senior Consultant with Fei Yue Counselling Centre, and also as their Programme Director with the Academy of Human Development Pte. Ltd.

    In 2001, he decided to set up Familyworks, a business partnership offering family therapy as well as training and consultancy in the field of counselling. In June 2009, Benny’s business became a sole proprietorship, under the banner of The Family Therapist.

    Benny’s range of skills includes providing direct counselling, training and consultancy. He is trained as a Family and Marital Therapist. He counsels individuals, couples and families. He has also received specialist training in the management of addiction, managing of community crisis situations and consulting on work-life balance.

    As a trainer, Benny conducts short-term workshops, covering topics ranging from stress and anger management to basic counselling skills. He also teaches at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Institute of Management University (UniSim).

    Benny’s corporate clients include Seagate, Proctor and Gamble, Chartered Industries and Jurong Town Corporation. He worked at helping them with organizational change, management consultation, critical incidence stress debriefing, besides employee counselling.

  • Training and education
  • Benny started as a home-grown graduate from the National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1981. He later obtained a Master’s in Social Work degree from McGill University in Canada in 1989. Benny has also been certified as a Work-Life Consultant by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

    Benny is certified to use the DiSC instrument which has useful applications for promoting person-to-job fit and for team building.

  • Awards
  • Benny was recognized for his work in preventing family violence and violence against women by AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) when he became the first recipient of the AWARE Hero Award 2011.

    In 2007, Benny was awarded the Friends of MCYS Award. This was in recognition of his long-term service to the community and to the Ministry.

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