Compensation and Benefits

These are the traditional tools employers use to recognise and reward staff performance. In order to attract and retain the best talents, yet keep its eye on costs, companies are moving beyond fixed pay packages. This is a consulting service companies can tap on to review their current policies and processes to line them up against their industry’s benchmarks. Recommendations on how to offer a flexible yet responsive package of benefits can also be made. Employers seeking ways to further reduce their operating costs can be offered out-sourcing services or software programmes to moniter their schemes.

  Building Innovative Teams  
  Compensation and Benefits  
  Performance Review  
  Training Needs Analysis  
  Profiling Personality Types  
  Facilitating Job-to-Person Fit  
  Work-Life Consulting and Auditing  
  Balancing Work-Life  
  Oral, Written Communication and Presentation Skills  
  Reducing Workplace Violence and Harassment  
  Stress, Time and Anger Management  
  Grievance Handling  
  Handling Employees in Difficult Situations  
  Handling Difficult Employees  
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